Attract Clients

Market, communicate and sell so you attract the 'right' clients for your firm.

Panalitix content, software and mentoring solutions help Accountants to implement best practices into their businesses to Attract the right Clients.

Know your Market

Target the right clients. Determine what your clients really need. Understand your competition and learn to take advantage of changes in the industry.

Build your Brand

Build a brand clients will trust. Stand out from the competition.

Plan your Marketing

Generate quality leads. Get the most from your marketing investment. Measure the right marketing metrics.


Communicate effectively about your business. Reach your clients with effective content. Time your outreach appropriately.

Refine Sales Processes

Set and run your own sales meetings. Learn how to close deals. Train your team to sell more.

Manage Opportunities

Ensure all leads are followed up. Create a sales culture in your firm.


Work with experienced mentors who have designed and implemented successful marketing and sales programs for many years in and out of the accounting industry.

Mentoring programs help you find opportunities in your market so you can generate leads through excellence in digital marketing and content marketing. Increase conversion rates through Best Practices in sales and opportunity management.

Mentoring programs are customized to the needs of your firm, may involve multiple accounting businesses in group activities, or are provided on a one-to-one basis. Our programs support accounting business leaders, administrators, marketers, business developers and any other position in an accounting business.


Panalitix offers a powerful knowledge base to educate, create accountability, and connect you with like-minded Accountants.

Our content is designed to support all learners and includes courses, videos, text, guides, assessments, exercises, quizzes, webinars and more.

Use this knowledge to generate the right leads for your business and close deals to enable business growth.


Panalitix software brings automation and discipline to marketing and sales activities.

Marketing Hub

Communicate regularly, professionally and authoritatively through newsletters, email updates, articles, blog pages and social media.

Sales Pipeline

Grow your sales by optimizing how you prioritize new business opportunities, delegate actions and manage your resources efficiently.

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