Manage Clients

Increase client satisfaction and retention, upsell your services and make your clients advocates for your business.

Panalitix content, software and mentoring solutions help Accountants to implement best practices into their businesses to better Manage their Clients.

Key aspects of Managing Clients

Client Classification

Identify your most profitable clients, decide when to increase prices and if/when you need to "manage out' certain clients.

Client Interaction

Delight your clients! Improve team performance and communicate better with clients. Increase client retention.

Client Sales

Uncover more opportunities among clients. Increase referrals from clients.


Increase efficiency/profitability. make your work more enjoyable. Improve workflow processes through technology and other means.


Work with experienced mentors who have managed large portfolios of sophisticated and demanding clients for many years in and out of the accounting industry.

Mentoring programs ensure your clients are properly classified so you can tailor how you engage with them. Excellent workflow processes will ensure clients are satisfied which leads to retention, up-selling opportunities and referrals.

Mentoring programs are customized to the needs of your firm, may involve multiple accounting businesses in group activities, or are provided on a one-to-one basis. Our programs support accounting business leaders, administrators, marketers, business developers and any other position in an accounting business.


Panalitix offers a powerful knowledge base to educate, create accountability, and connect you with like-minded Accountants.

Our content is designed to support all learners and includes courses, videos, text, guides, assessments, exercises, quizzes, webinars and more.

Use this knowledge to ensure high levels of client satisfaction, client retention, upselling opportunities and referrals.


Panalitix software brings clarity on what your clients need and how you can help them.

Client Builder

Survey your clients to ensure high levels of client satisfaction and retention.

Market Wise

Market specific solutions to your clients through our powerful marketing campaign management solution.

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