Develop Products

Ensure your service 'mix' plays to your strengths while providing clients the support they need.

Panalitix content, software and mentoring solutions help Accountants to implement best practices into their businesses to Develop Products that make sense for your business.

Service Portfolio

Determine which services to provide. Increase the value of your services and sell services that are less dependent on partners.


Price your services right and make sure you get paid what you're worth.


Work with experienced mentors who have designed and launched successful solutions in and out of the accounting industry.

Mentoring programs help you differentiate, specialize and offer compliance and/or advisory products which meet the needs of your clients at prices which make sense in your market.

Mentoring programs are customized to the needs of your firm, may involve multiple accounting businesses in group activities, or are provided on a one-to-one basis. Our programs support accounting business leaders, administrators, marketers, business developers and any other position in an accounting business.


Panalitix offers a powerful knowledge base to educate, create accountability, and connect you with like-minded Accountants.

Our content is designed to support all learners and includes courses, videos, text, guides, assessments, exercises, quizzes, webinars and more.

Use this knowledge to build your product portfolio to attract the clients you want to serve and do the work you want to do at a price that makes sense.


Panalitix software enables Accountants to advise their clients through effective goal setting, planning and business analysis.

Growth Equation

Grow advisory capabilities in your firm and help clients focus on what they need to do to improve revenue profit and business value.


Define business goals, assess strengths and weaknesses, then forecast, plan and track a path to improvement.

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