Panalitix programs are carefully tailored to support Accountants in their business-building journey

Mentoring Programs

Building the ‘Engine Room’
Who’s this for?

Firms wanting to increase capacity and efficiency. (And improve lifestyle while reducing stress!)

Sample Curriculum
  • Process: optimize workflow, track productivity, checklists, pricing, SOW
  • Team: skills development, outsourcing, leadership
  • Automation: the tech stack
  • Clients: classification, communication
Who’s this for?

Firms who want top-line and/or bottom-line growth

Sample Curriculum
  • Marketing: Lead generation, digital and content marketing
  • Sales: skills development, referral programs
  • Growth by acquisition, etc.
Reducing Dependence
Who’s this for?

Owners / partners who want to reduce reliance on themselves

Sample Curriculum

A process to transition out of business functions like admin, HR, finance, IT, accounting work, Client management, marketing, sales, leadership etc.

Succession Planning
Who’s this for?

Owners starting the process of transitioning ownership

Sample Curriculum

Exploring the options like management buy-outs, merger or acquisition. Increasing business value and presenting the business for sale

About Panalitix Mentoring Programs


The format and curriculum are modified to meet the needs of participants. Nothing ‘cookie-cutter’

Group Activities

We get like-minded firms together so they can learn from one another and build positive, productive relationships


Most programs combine in-person meetings and ‘virtual’ meetings

Panalitix takes on a limited number of carefully selected firms, especially those that are ambitious and are action-oriented. You can apply to

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Extended Team

Most programs can involve your extended teams, thereby building broad capabilities at the firm and enabling delegation


Mentees are expected to prepare and participate actively. Goals are set and key metrics are tracked to ensure progress is made

Access to Tools

Participants get access to all Panalitix tools and content as well as a dedicated, experienced mentor

Panalitix takes on a limited number of carefully selected firms, especially those that are ambitious and are action-oriented. You can apply to

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Panalitix programs are suited to those who are ambitious, want more out of their business and who will dedicate the time required to improve. A positive attitude is essential


Getting to know other firms and sharing their journey is a rewarding exercise. The hard work of building a business also means celebrating successes


Programs run for 12 months but some projects can be accomplished in 30, 90 or 180 days

Panalitix takes on a limited number of carefully selected firms, especially those that are ambitious and are action-oriented. You can apply to

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Content and Software


Knowledge + Tools

  • Access to Panalitix content in LearningHub
  • Weekly Acumen - tools and tips on growth strategies delivered to your inbox
  • Invitations to member meetings
  • An orientation consultation to help you get the most from Panalitix resources



Everything in "Getting Started"

  • Access to Marketinghub
  • Access to GrowthEquation
  • Access to SalesPipeline
  • Access to Strategize
  • Onboarding session for all software and ongoing support
  • 3-month check-in consultation to ensure you are on track



Everything in "Accelerate"

  • A fully customized mentoring program to achieve specific outcomes in your business
  • Access to like-minded accountants in group mentoring sessions

Price On Request

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! You can cancel, upgrade or change your plan at any time with 30 days' notice.
We accept all major credit cards. If paying via credit card is not an option for you or your business, please contact us and we can discuss alternative methods.
Let's talk! We can create a bespoke program to support you in exactly the areas your business needs to reach your short- and long-term goals.
We will provide you with onboarding content and are here to help you with any questions about how to get the most from the Panalitix suite of tools and content!
Our mentoring programs are customized to Clients' needs. Some Accountants want to reduce their workload, grow, sell the business or hone their vision and strategy. Others need help with organizational design (getting the right people in the right seats). We design mentoring programs around Client needs.
The more you put in, the more you'll get out. We know you have other commitments but - at a minimum - expect to spend half a day per week working "on" your business. We don't take on clients who cannot dedicate sufficient time.
This varies. It is partly based on how much YOU put into the process. In some cases, we see significant change in a matter of weeks. Remember there is no magic formula to building your business. It takes hard work and commitment (that's your job) and access to powerful tools, systems and experience (that's our job).
We work best with ambitious, driven people who are dissatisfied with the status quo. They are determined to get to the 'next place' with a sense of urgency.
Our mentoring programs are designed and delivered by people who have built multimillion dollar businesses. Panalitix mentors apply their knowledge, perspective and experience so you can take action and avoid wasting time on ‘trial and error’. We may refer to tried-and-tested business theory… but implementation brings our Clients the success they crave.

Still have questions?

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